The apprenticeship aims to teach the skills and abilities needed to manage everyday tasks in the office. In this context, apprentices learn how to organise and coordinate workflows related to office organisation, as well as to specific projects and assignments. They are responsible for providing clerical services and assistance, coordinating appointments, preparing meetings and managing correspondence. Office management specialists handle procurement procedures, assist in HR tasks and apply accounting systems and other accounting tools.

The dual-curriculum apprenticeship lasts 3 years and begins at the start of term in each academic year.

The practical and classroom training focuses on teaching core and elective qualifications. The core qualifications address office and business processes within the framework of a broadly defined, joint set of professional and specific qualifications. Office management specialists can also be trained in one of the following elective fields that are offered at Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz:

  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Human resources
  • Back office assistance
  • Order monitoring and coordination
  • Commercial monitoring and control

Outstanding apprentices are allowed to choose another elective qualification and to complete an examination in this subject at the end of their course.

The apprenticeship for office management specialists includes alternate periods of classroom and practical training. Apprentices attend the Vocational College for Business and Social Studies in Görlitz twice each week during the first year in order to acquire the specific professional knowledge. Vocational college is then attended once a week in the third year of the course.

The practical training takes place in the administrative departments at Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz. Apprentices are assigned to the following areas:
HR department, accounting, procurements, warehouse, IT, occupational health and safety, works council, case management, medical controlling, correspondence, mail office, public relations

We pay attractive remuneration to our apprentice office management specialists:

1st apprenticeship year: €800/month
2nd apprenticeship year: €860/month
3rd apprenticeship year: €920/month

  • Good secondary school leaving qualifications
  • Good grades in mathematics and German
  • Good IT skills
  • A course in typewriting skills is welcome
  • Personal characteristics like communication skills, conscientiousness, dedication and good teamwork
  • A liking of organisation and working with people
  • Copies of reports/certificates (current report and grade 10 report for university entrance qualification candidates and college students)

Application folder with

  • Application letter
  • CV
  • Photograph (named)
  • Reports/certificates
  • Performance reviews/assessments (e.g. past internships, voluntary service)
  • Please enclose an adequately stamped, addressed envelope

Kindly send your applications by email

or send it by post to:

Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz gGmbH
Abteilung Personal
Girbigsdorfer Str. 1-3
02828 Görlitz

Contact for commercial apprenticeships:

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Cindy Haupt

Sachbearbeiterin Personal

+49 3581 37-1262
+49 3581 37-1502