Our international Case Management is the first point of contact for foreign patients (with a foreing health-insurance, or on the basis of self-payment). The international Case Management gets involved in advance of your treatment and will accompany our patients throughout their stay.

We would like our foreign patients to feel welcome and at home in our hospital. The Case Manager helps you to deal with formalities all the way until you leave our house and get back to your local doctor.

In addition to taking care of our international patients, our Case Managers coordinate the cooperation with other (international) institutions and hospitals. We consider this coordination and collaboration a main aspect to make international patients feel safe and welcome in our hospital and to profit from the exceptional treatment they receive.
Our trust and confidence is meant to go beyond the three countries that are closest to our location, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. It is meant to secure the future of international cooperation.

International Case Manager - Beata Bucko

Beata Bucko

Beata Bucko

International Case Managerin

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