Dear Visitors, dear Patients, dear Employees,

Klinikum Görlitz is a specialist care hospital with a broad portfolio of services that contributes significantly to healthcare for the inhabitants of the region and beyond. Approximately 22,500 inpatients and almost 60,000 outpatients are treated here each year. The Clinic perceives itself as a modern, medical and commercially successful healthcare provider that plays an active role in shaping the Euroregion Neiße.

Our quality standards adhere to the principles of providing the best and ensuring the satisfaction of our patients, customers and employees. To deliver an outstanding performance, our 1,300 employees are challenged and supported in their professional development. Klinikum Görlitz is among the region's largest training enterprises. We offer a wide portfolio of treatments and diagnosis in all of the technical disciplines at our institution.

Our determination is to be there for our patients at any time, day or night, to attend to and treat their health issues, complaints and illnesses.

The Business Management departments such as human resources, technical services, information and telecommunications, accounting and organisation make a substantial contribution to the excellent performance of our staff in medical and nursing divisions.

The Business Management Division is responsible for keeping the Clinic profitable. Commercial success of our enterprise is necessary to enable us to achieve our objectives. We manage the resources at our disposal conscientiously. As a result, we are confident that we will remain a clinic built on a good structural infrastructure in the years to come as well.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Lieberwirth

Thomas Lieberwirth

Kaufmännischer Direktor

Licentiate degree

+49 3581 37-1130