Dear Sir or Madam, dear Patients, dear Employees,

a period in hospital is a deeply personal and intimate matter. Our patients are removed from their familiar settings and place themselves trustingly in the hands of our doctors and nurses. In turn, they do their best to help the patients feel at home in an unusual environment, despite their illness.

Our responsibility is to ensure the provision of specialist medical care in the region. To do this, our more than 1,300 motivated employees approach their work with warmth, empathy, competence and experience.

We operate between the dichotomous poles of medical necessity, commercial constraints and the standards that patients expect of our work, day in, day out. Besides excellently qualified staff and state-of-the-art medical equipment, other aspects are necessary as well to ensure the best possible care and satisfaction. We have defined them publicly in our Mission Statement and Company Goals.

We critically examine our strategic alignment on a regular basis together with the representatives of the Advisory Board and the various management levels within the Clinic. By doing so, we can be certain to consider and respond appropriately to all changes in health policies and economic interests. As a strong and reliable healthcare partner, we use these procedures, now and in the future, to be the best possible partner to people in the region.

Ines Hofmann
Managing Director

Ines Hofmann


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