We want your stay to be as pleasant as possible. This also involves harmonious relations and organisation on the ward. The House Rules are there to provide a framework for this. You accept them by submitting your application for admission according to Section 14 of the Terms of Contract. The House Rules are printed in the patient information on your ward.

Some items of the House Rules state:

  • You are not permitted to bring potted plants (soil cultures) for reasons of hygiene.
  • In order to prevent adverse effects associated with the medication given to you in the hospital, you are not permitted to take any medication that you brought into the hospital without consulting with the attending hospital physician.
  • Alcohol and nicotine prevent a rapid healing process and are damaging to your health. Drinking alcohol while also taking medication can be life-threatening. Therefore, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in our Clinic. Smoking is also prohibited inside the Clinic buildings.

Please be aware that the use of mobile telephones is prohibited in all medical areas of the Clinic. You will find a public telephone in the main corridor opposite the bistro.