Kindly bring all of the necessary documents and information on the date of admission. If you have questions beforehand, please contact your Case Manager who will gladly assist and advise you. You must report to Patient Admissions on the stated date. First take a number in our waiting area and then wait until you are called. Patient Admissions is open Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm. Kindly report to Accident & Emergency outside of these times.

When registering, make sure you bring your photo ID, the referral from your doctor, the chip card for your health insurance (also living will, if applicable) and your case management records. Also bring the medication prescribed by your GP. For a check list concerning your stay, please click here.

Important instruction: You may be required to discontinue some regular medication before any scheduled surgery. This medication may include painkillers, medication to reduce your blood sugar, anticoagulants or psychopharmaceuticals. Kindly discuss this with your GP.

Here you will find the admission application/treatment contract and the consent form on data processing for your information.