The Centre for Geriatric Medicine seeks to achieve a holistic improvement in healthcare for geriatric patients. With the Clinic for Geriatric Medicine and the Geriatric Network East Saxony, it contributes first and foremost to offering specialised and interdisciplinary treatment for our aged patients, but also to networking service providers with the aim of ensuring knowledge transfer and quality assurance.

At the heart of our geriatric care are patients and their individual needs. Extensive diagnostic and therapeutic facilities are available. The holistic combination of competent medical and nursing care, together with speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, helps the patients to overcome the acute consequences of their conditions and to regain lost skills.

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Stefan Zeller

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Zeller


Specialist for Internal Medicine/Angiology/Geriatric Medicine/Diabetology

+49 3581 37-1582
+49 3581 37-1236

Kerstin Schöne


Specialist for Internal Medicine/Geriatric Medicine/Diabetology/Endocrinology

Antje Banaskiewicz


Specialist for Internal Medicine/Geriatric Medicine
geriatric traumatology

The Clinic for Geriatric Medicine holds full authorisation as a further training facility:

  • internal medicine, angiology and geriatrics, as well as authorisation to train specialists for internal medicine and provide basic qualifications in the field of internal medicine (in cooperation with the Clinic for Internal Medicine)