Dear Visitors,

Nursing in Germany has been experiencing a period of profound change for some time. The demographic development and the rapid advancement of medicine are presenting significant challenges for this healthcare discipline. Tasks within nursing are expanding continuously, necessitating ever-greater levels of personal and professional support.

As Nursing Management, we accept the task of creating and maintaining functional routines for the purposeful assurance of patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction and economic efficiency. Nursing provided at our hospital is defined by outstanding quality with due consideration of the requirements, needs and fears of our patients.

Everything we do is focused on the patients and their expectations, as well as on providing impeccable care and medical support with loving attention and deep empathy. My goal as Director of Nursing is to ensure that all of the care staff employed at our hospital live up to these rigorous standards!

To find out how we succeed in this objective, read the Nursing Services pages.

Yours sincerely,

Birgit Bieder
Director of Nursing

Birgit Bieder


Nursing and Healthcare Scientist (Diploma)

+49 3581 37-1533