The Breast Centre brings together all departments involved in the treatment to enable rapid, competent and uncomplicated collaboration. We have all the necessary resources for modern diagnostics and treatment and provide the entire range of plastic-reconstructive surgery. Naturally, we are available to consult with you during all phases of follow-up care. The Breast Centre performs around 300 operations on the female breast each year in the primary and/or secondary treatment of breast cancer. In addition, numerous interventions are conducted on the female and male breast in cases of other pathological changes to the mammary gland, as well as aesthetic corrections.

Firstly, professional treatment of the patients in line with applicable guidelines is a major benefit for all those affected, and secondly an advantage for society as a whole as it reduces the need for multiple interventions. Each woman confronted with the diagnosis of breast cancer is entitled to obtain a specialist second opinion during her treatment.
Specialists from the relevant departments cooperate closely in the Breast Centre and jointly decide on a treatment strategy. The experts can also consult with their practising colleagues in the event of any questions. Continuous training and further education are essential factors of work at the centres. Regular tumour aftercare is provided within an outpatient setting, so by the referring physicians. Close cooperation and the sharing of recovery information over the following years is important for any breast centre.

Strict regulations apply to the treatment of breast cancer. Among the reasons for this is that universal care cannot be guaranteed in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Under the patronage of the German Cancer Society (DGK) and the German Society for Senology (DGS), experts have prepared S-3 Guidelines that create a foundation for the work of a breast centre. Guidelines are also in place at European level. The two organisations review the medical/professional, administrative and organisational work, as well as the cooperation with local practices and service providers such as medical supply centres etc. Assuming the centres pass the test, they are awarded a certificate with the explicit endorsement of the professional association. Certificates should only be issued if the examiners have checked the centre's adherence to guidelines by performing an audit (an inspection of the actual circumstances and a review of the qualifications held by each team member). Indispensable to this is the collaboration between the breast centres and the medical supply centres. Medical supply centres in Germany can also obtain certification, confirming the outstanding quality of their work. The certificate for a breast centre offers patients the absolute certainty that attending physicians adhere rigorously to the guidelines in their treatment and that an audit by the above professional associations has taken place.

Click here for the current Annual Report by the German Cancer Society and German Society for Senology with a review of the performance indicators for all certified breast centres in Germany.

Heads of the Breast Centre East Saxony

Dr. med. Torsten Nadler

Chief physician

Specialist for Gynaecology, Obstetrics and General Practice
Focus area: Gynaecological oncology

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Steffen Handstein

Dr. med. Steffen Handstein

Chief Physician

Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

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