The discipline of geriatric medicine involves caring for patients who are usually above the age of 71 and are suffering from age-typical conditions, also multimoribidity. Illnesses often manifest differently at an advanced age, so diagnosis can frequently be difficult. Treatment success is delayed. Often the patients will require additional social support. Treatment at the Clinic for Geriatric Medicine is not limited to an isolated condition and instead involves additional care in an interdisciplinary team that improves the functional status and life quality of older patients and promotes their autonomy.

The Clinic for Geriatric Medicine has 40 beds for inpatients and its own treatment rooms. Offering 12 treatment places, our Outpatient Clinic for Geriatric Medicine provides complex, interdisciplinary treatment of identified defects, in addition to specific geriatric diagnoses.

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Head physician of the Geriatric Centre

Stefan Zeller

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Zeller


Specialist for Internal Medicine/Angiology/Geriatric Medicine/Diabetology

+49 3581 37-1582
+49 3581 37-1236

We look after geriatric patients as inpatients or outpatients.

Inpatients (Wards G2 and G3 – Acute Geriatrics)

These wards admit people who require several weeks of intensive care or inpatient treatment and therapy due to acute, severe illnesses or multiple conditions. In our Acute Geriatric Wards, we help older patients not only to overcome their acute diseases, but also to maintain and improve their capability to lead active lives. We do so according to a holistic approach with which we have long-standing experience.
Wards G2 and G3 have 40 beds in total. There are two and three bed rooms. Each bed can be equipped with a telephone. There are also televisions sets in the rooms.
Case Management handles registrations.

Outpatients (Ward G1 – Geriatric Outpatient Clinic)

The Geriatric Outpatient Clinic is an important connecting link between care at home and inpatient treatment and is hence a good addition to care from the GP. The centre looks after older patients and patients that require a hospital environment, without being reliant on full inpatient treatment. Patients receive all the holistic diagnostic and treatment services, while still remaining in their familiar environments. GPs can refer their patients directly to the centre, and transfers from other clinic facilities are possible as well.
Ward G1 has 12 beds. Out taxi shuttle service brings the patients to the centre and safely back home again.

The Ward handles registrations:
Tel: +49 3581 37-1891