Welcome to the homepage of the Institute for Pathology. We make 'hidden' things visible at an early stage and are an important treatment partner to the clinics.

Pathologists provide the diagnosis for many inflammatory and tumour diseases based on histological or cytological examinations. Our experienced pathologists examine the tissue specimens in a laboratory setting. In this context, microscopes continue to be the most important working appliances. These examinations provide doctors in the clinics with valuable diagnoses and hence the basis for their treatments.

The Institute for Pathology is an integral part of the regional Breast Centre Eastern Saxony and, where medically required or in necessary cases (inclusion within ongoing studies etc.), cooperates in a consultancy capacity with national and sometimes international reference centres, depending on the issue at hand.
Processing of the examination materials usually takes place according to standardised criteria. Within this context, the most recently published recommendations and guidelines by the Association of German Pathologists and the German chapter of the International Academy of Pathology, the recognised and valid European guidelines and furthermore the WHO classification are taken into consideration in particular. Besides extensive internal quality controls, the Institute participates in official quality assurance measures and, among other things, takes part in peer review pathology in Eastern Saxony.
The most important principle and maxim of the Institute is to ensure that all human tissue or other materials that are sampled are used for histological or cytological diagnostics. In addition, in cases of death (irrespective of the place of death), the Institute seeks to ensure the highest possible autopsy ratio with clarification of the direct cause of death or the underlying condition leading to death, as well as the identification of any secondary diseases.

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Specialist for Pathological Anatomy

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