Med Lab Görlitz GmbH performs all laboratory analyses on behalf of Klinikum Görlitz. We use the findings of these analyses to assist the clinical physicians in their daily diagnosis and treatment of patient illnesses. Our laboratory is staffed 24/7. The on-call services ensure the rapid delivery of analyses that are requested outside of normal working hours. The employees analyse blood, urine and other bodily fluids from the patients. To do this, we can draw on state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies.

Our services include analyses in the areas of:

  • Clinical chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Haematology
  • Allergology
  • Microbiology
  • Infection serology

Moreover, we perform special analyses, for instance of trace elements, hormones, tumour markers and markers for thrombosis risk factors.
Our work also involves practical developments, e.g. the selection of ideal blood sampling vials for the prevention of pre-analytic errors, as well as the purposeful use of coagulation tests and immuno-assays.
We have published a number of brochures in these fields, as well as a Lexicon of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (Editors: A.M. Gressner, T. Arndt).
Some of the methods used in our laboratory are developed in cooperation with the physicians at Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz gGmbH:

  • a fibrin fission product-sensitive and heparin-insensitive thrombin time method for the identification of bleeding disorders
  • a test to determine fibrin monomers for the identification of excessive coagulation tendencies in the blood. This test was developed in cooperation with Klinikum des Landkreises Löbau-Zittau gGmbH.

Our most important partners for external analyses are the hospital and laboratory practices in the region, especially Medizinisches Labor Ostsachsen and Klinikum des Landkreises Löbau-Zittau gGmbH.
Our aim is to preserve outstanding laboratory medicine in the region by cooperating with our colleagues working in the field of diagnostics (e.g. histology and cytology). Quality and speed of analysis, as well as competent advice for doctors and nurses, are our main priorities.

The partners of Med Lab Görlitz GmbH (we are a 100 % subsidiary of Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz gGmbH) and the Advisory Board (Chair of the Advisory Board: Dr Geisler, former Minister of State) support these objectives.

We are particularly specialised in the fields of flow cytometry and cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics, protein analysis (including electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing), coagulation diagnostics and the cytology of blood and bone marrow.

The joint laboratory established by us is mainly open to the authorised physicians at the Clinic to conduct their laboratory analyses and hence to ensure a short pre-analysis time (period between sampling and analysis).

Some helpful information ...

Flow cytometry is a relatively recent laboratory technique that examines blood or bone marrow cells. The information is used primarily to diagnose and monitor leukaemia (blood cancer) and immunodeficiency diseases (HIV infection). It examines a variety of cellular properties or other particles as the cells pass successively though a thin measuring chamber.

Cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics are used to detect chemical and inflammatory changes in the brain or bone marrow. It involves the laboratory analysis of chemical constituents in the cerebrospinal fluid ("liquor cerebrospinalis", also "liquor"; Greek. = cerebrospinal fluid). This fluid is formed in the cerebral ventricles and surrounds the brain and the bone marrow. In the absence of cerebrospinal fluid, people would suffer concussion with every step.

Cytology analyses isolated cells that are obtained from regions or organs of the body by means of biopsy or a smear.



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