Dear Patient,

You came to our hospital in the hope of being healed or at least alleviating your complaints. Perhaps you are feeling frightened, anxious or full of doubt.

As pastoral counsellors, we will gladly take time for you to discuss what is upsetting and moving you or making you feel sad. You are important to us – and we are available to you, your family and your friends! In our Clinic Chapel you will find a Room of Silence – regardless of your religion or beliefs.

Do not feel shy if you would like us to visit you, to talk gently and confidentially with you or to give counselling in your faith – just ask for us; the ward staff will gladly help you make contact.

  • Call us or leave a message on the answering machine of the hospital's Pastoral Care Team or at Reception, we will call you back.
  • Visit us – the Chapel is open daily as a place for retreat, contemplation and prayer.


The Clinic Chapel is on the first floor of Building A (above the bistro in the main corridor) and is accessed via the stairs or using the lift in the main entrance area.

Pastoral Care

Telephone: +49 3581 37-1113

Telephone: +49 3581 37-0

Church service: Saturday, 10:00 am
Taizé prayers: Thursday, 7:00 pm

The events in the Chapel are broadcast by internal radio on TV channel 15.

Catholic Church

Kindly contact the Parish Office directly to arrange a visit by a priest:

Parish Office Heilig Kreuz
Struvestr. 19
02826 Görlitz
Telephone: +49 3581 40 67 30 / -60

Protestant Church

Pastor Hirschmann, Tel. 01739618703
Pastor Lichterfeld, 03581 3609111 (Vacation 27 June - 24 July)

From 1 September: Pastor Antje Kruse