We are required by law to charge a contribution of €10.00 per day for your treatment in the hospital (but no more than 28 days per year). The Clinic does not receive this charge, and it is instead passed on to your health insurance provider. Kindly pay the due charges at the Cash Desk during discharge, either in cash or by ec-card. Persons insured with AOK or Barmer will be contacted directly by their insurance provider.

Exemptions from payment:

  • patients with certification of exemption from additional payments, issued by their health insurance;
  • patients under the age of 18;
  • patients receiving at-home, outpatient or non-inpatient treatment at the hospital;
  • patients admitted for childbirth;
  • patients admitted for treatment with payment by an employers' liability association;
  • patients admitted for treatment of follow-on damages pursuant to the Federal Act on War Pensions

Please pay the contribution charge no later than on the date of your discharge.