Patients can be diagnosed, advised on treatment options and, where necessary, admitted for at-home, outpatient or inpatient care in close cooperation with the practising physicians.

It is not unusual, faced with the sweeping transformation of society and the continuously fluctuating, growing requirements placed in each one of us, that people feel unable to cope with stress or can no longer accommodate the burdens. Over time, or in acute situations, they may experience episodes of mental or psychosomatic illness.

Incorporated within Klinikum Görlitz, the Centre of Medical Health can draw on the complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic methods expected of an outstanding specialist care hospital. This enables the clarification of virtually all diagnostic issues. Precise diagnosis is the foundation for successful therapy.

The two clinics within the Centre draw on scientific recommendations and guidelines for diagnosis and therapy. This means that treatment must adapt to the specific circumstances of the individual. Therapy can only work as a collaborative approach with the patient as a unique individual.