Discharge Management

Uninterrupted follow-on care after discharge from the clinic is as important to your convalescence as successful treatment at our institution.
Discharge management is responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from the hospital to outpatient or post-inpatient care. We make certain you receive uninterrupted follow-on care.
Our colleagues will enquire whether you agree to discharge management as early as during admission. Where necessary, the first measures will be initiated and coordinated by the departments responsible for your treatment to ensure that all plans are tailored precisely to your needs.
Our discharge management is based on the framework agreement on discharge management according to Section 39(1)(a) 9th sentence Book V German Social Code. Feel free to enquire about the organisation.


We are delighted if you have regained your health to the extent that is necessary for your discharge. Kindly consult with your hospital physician to learn what you must do when you get home.

  • Which medication must be taken and when?
  • Which dietary restrictions apply?
  • Is information necessary for follow-on care?

You will receive a brief report for your GP. A detailed report with all the findings of examinations and treatments will be sent to you separately later on. If you still require injections, your bandages need to be changed or you are not yet able to look after yourself, it is important that you obtain outpatient social services. For this purpose and in the event that extended care is necessary, please contact our Social Services.

Please do not forget to take your personal items when you leave the hospital and to pick up anything deposited at the Cash Desk.