Re-discovering Görlitz

Görlitz is Germany's easternmost city and as such catches the eye with its historical old town, beautiful landscape and magnificent sights. Görlitz has been a European City together with Zgorzelec since 1998 and is also a member of the Euroregion Neiße. Major urban centres like Dresden, Prague or Berlin are easily accessible by car, train or bus. Görlitz has a lot to offer in regard to culture, natural setting and leisure activities.

Old town

The absolute attraction for tourists is the Görlitz old town, which is divided into the areas above and below the marketplace. It catches the eye in particular with its 4,000 structural monuments and variety of architectural styles from the Renaissance, Gothic or Baroque periods. There are also many myths and legends associated with the city that are vividly explained during the city tours. This way, visitors to Görlitz feel transported back into bygone ages.


Events for visitors, residents and tourists of all ages are extremely popular, among them the annual old town festival, the street theatre festival “ViaThea”, the brewing festival or the Silesian Christmas market. Click here for an overview of the annual highlights in Görlitz.

Film city

Görlitz is a popular backdrop for films in a variety of genres thanks to its historical, well-maintained old town. Films such as “Die Vermessung der Welt”, “Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Around the World in 80 Days” or “Goethe!” were all shot here. Görlitz rightfully deserves its nickname of 'Görliwood'. Learn more about film city Görlitz.

Lake Berzdorf

One of the most popular destinations for excursions is Lake Berzdorf, which is located adjacent to Görlitz. It is a fascinating, impressively sized spot (960 ha), nestled in a delightful setting that encloses the lake. What's more, it offers all kinds of sporting activities and is a great place for biking tours, walks or inline skating.


Rising 420 metres above sea level, the Landeskrone is Görlitz's tallest hill. It is situated south-west of the city centre, and there is a unique view of Görlitz, the immediate surroundings and the Iser and Sudeten Mountains from its summit.

Border triangle

The border triangle between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany is located around 2.5 km to the south of the Zittau town centre. It is marked by three flags and three border stones and is also a popular junction for many people travelling the Oder-Neiße Cycling Trail or the Oberlausitz Mountain Trail by bike or on foot to stop off for a rest.

Zittau Mountains

The Zittau Mountains are situated in the south-easternmost tail of Saxony, in the border triangle region. Boasting magnificent sandstone rocks and rugged nature, the Zittau Mountains are an inviting spot for relaxed leisure pursuits.

Bars, restaurants and cafés

There are plenty of bars in Görlitz, especially in the old town. Attracted by its laid-back flair, locals and tourists gather there during the week and at weekends to bring the day to a lazy end over delicious drinks and pleasant conversations.

Sporting activities

Whether as part of a club or as a personal hobby – Görlitz has just the right sporting activities to accommodate any taste. It's a great place to burn off excess energy after a day's work and meet new people!

Runners and skaters can enter a variety of routes in the annual European Marathon and in doing so support the Clinic's team. Lake Berzdorf is an inviting spot to relax, swim and take part in other sporting activities in and around the blue lagoon (including beach volleyball).

Climbing enthusiasts will find a variety of routes in the Königshain Mountains and the Zittau Mountains, and anyone not satisfied with just the one sporting discipline can try their luck by competing in the O-See Challenge triathlon around Lake Olbersdorf.

The Zittau and Sudeten Mountains offer plenty of winter sports in the colder months.

Gerhart Hauptmann Theatre Görlitz-Zittau

Visitors to the Gerhart Hauptmann Theatre Görlitz-Zittau will experience a special highlight. It is a venue for four different genres, namely drama, musicals, dance and concerts. Entertainment is guaranteed thanks to the excellent programme of performances.

Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences

The Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences was founded in Saxony in 1992 and has two locations, namely one in Zittau and the other in Görlitz. Around 3,800 students are currently enrolled in six faculties: Electrical Engineering/Informatics, Management and Cultural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics/Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics and Business Engineering.

Görlitz - Life in the heart of Europe

Görlitz is a special place to work and live. It is not just its architectural variety and cultural programme that makes Görlitz such a very special place to live and work: when it comes to recreational value, the city on the Neisse River has no need to fear any competition. A superbly developed service industry as well as ultramodern health-care facilities are all designed to make daily life as comfortable and relaxing as possible. With its various child-care centres and schools, the city also provides a fine example of an alternative educational programme and thus assists young, working parents.