Klinikum Görlitz has been the Academic Teaching Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus at TU Dresden since 1 March 2009. A broad spectrum of disease treatments and modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are required in order to be eligible to carry the title of 'academic teaching hospital'.

Teaching and training highly qualified junior professionals is integral to our work. Medical mentors are assigned to our students in the clinics during their residency. A curricular medical training programme in the form of weekly teaching events, access to the latest medical literature and preparation for the final examination helps our students to obtain the best possible degree.

We also maintain close connections with the Wroclaw Medical University. Students at the Wroclaw Medical University use the broad range of medical clinics to complete their clinical traineeship or residency with us.

We are proud to satisfy the high standards imposed by the faculties. It demonstrates that we provide state-of-the-art medical services. We show commitment and competency to pass on this knowledge to the students. Experienced medical professionals at the clinic also benefit from this cooperation. Knowledge is shared and transferred between teaching and clinical routines. The rapid developments within medicine require us to adjust flexibly to new requirements as a specialised hospital. For instance, our doctors take part in Germany-wide studies and in doing so make an important contribution to research.

For more information, refer to the websites of our partner universities and to our brochure.